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Hi! My name is Tammy and I’m a graphic designer. I grew up on the east coast and now living in

Kamloops, BC. From a very young age I was inspired by art. Growing up, drawing was my passion.

As I grew older I thought about what I could do with this passion. My art teacher mentioned that I should

look into Graphic Design and so I did. After graduating with my Design Arts, Graphic Design Diploma

I ventured to Toronto to work for a national magazine and a couple of design studios. As I gained

experience, I realized what I really wanted to do next was work for myself. It is then that I took the

leap and started my own business.

With over 15 years in the graphic design industry, I have excellent knowledge and experience designing
everything from magazines, newsletters, annual reports, logos, brochures, stationary, signage,

websites, promotional materials and more.

Whether you are starting up, reinventing yourself, or branching out, I cultivate ideas to help you

reach your goals. With a creative flair for design, attention to detail and deadlines, great communication

and management skills, I will put a professional face on your business or organization.


Tammy Hunter  graphic designer

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